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Our mission statement is as simple as the "Golden Rule." We treat all of our customers the same, and we treat them in the same regard as we want to be treated when seeking a product or service from another company.
We are a detail-oriented company that believes in the value of customer-satisfaction and the task of providing a high quality finished product. WE do all of our own installing, sanding, finishing and refinishing to maintain a high degree of craftmanship.
We have also made an effort to make the process of finishing and refinishing your floors as neat and tidy as possible by investing in a DCS (dust containment system). This eliminates the complaints concerning the "dust travelling all over the house." from sanding the floors.
We care about your indoor air quality and strive to use finish that is VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant, with little or no odor. Most of the finishes we use also offer LEED credits.